The QCMPN was created in the honor of the late David Harker, and other missing people from the Quad Cities Area. When David was missing, a massive search effort was done using Facebook, with a reach of over 600,000 people following his case from around the world. Since then, other Quad-Citians have gone missing. David's page inspired the creation of the Quad Cities Missing Persons Network.​

Coverage Area

Our Mission

To provide guidance and support to families and friends of people who are missing and may be in extreme danger of harm or injury. It is our vision that…No stone will be unturned, no site unsearched, and no soul is left alone. We are people helping people find people.

Quad Cities Missing Persons Network

Who we are

​​A community-wide network of volunteers brought together who can act quickly through the circulation of information using social media to rally support to search for the missing, communicate with law enforcement, media, and each other in a coordinated and focused manner.